Messidor Day 3: Onions!

  • Month: Messidor, month of the Harvest
  • Day: Tridi, the third day of the week
  • Named for: Oignon, the incomparable onion.

I won’t waffle on and on about onions. You know what onions are. The basis of every savoury dish worth eating.

They form the bulk of the mirepoix, the magic mixture of carrot, onion and celery, which transforms every soup and stew.

They have also been used to try and cure everything from piles to the common cold. It’s not just chefs who believe in their magic.

Even McDonalds can’t really mess up onions. Not completely….

Up the onions!

I’m glad the French Republic appreciated onions. They are in the Top Five of vegetables.

Then, instead of expensive mouthwash, he had breathed on Hogg-Enderby, bafflingly (for no banquet would serve, because of the known redolence of onions, onions) onions. ‘Onions,’ said Hogg.

– Anthony Burgess, who knew his onions

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